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Our Galantamine is a natural product. It is a pure, non synthetic form, meaning that it's molecular structure is perfectly formed, thus reducing any untoward adverse effects, and enhances the efficacy of it, unlike the synthetic forms currently used. It is extracted from the Carlton daffodil bulb and has been used for thousands of years in ancient Greece to its use today, as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.


Our mission is to bring the power of Galantamine to the wider world for the first time – for the benefit of EVERYONE’s brain health – from Bulb to Brain.


Scientific studies show that botanical Galantamine works by stopping the breakdown of the chemical in the brain called Acetylcholine. This chemical is vital for the memory function in the brain.


We are working hard, uniquely blending the world’s finest natural ingredients with Galantamine produced from our very own daffodils.


Our range will include supplements, bars, drinks and chews that will be nutritious and taste delicious.


The power of natural Galantamine in our products will give everybody the chance to have a better brain.

Natural Plant Solutions are excited to be launching a range of brain boosting products to revolutionise brain health!